SFBAC-NYLT Application 2014 - CLOSED

NYLT is at Rancho Los Mochos, south of Livermore.

UPDATE May 18, 2014: Registration for both Sessions is closed. We have listed several other NYLT courses (cick here) offered in Northern California by other Councils. All use the same syllabus.

Alternative NYLT Courses: The NYLT syllabus exness presented by SFBAC in its 2 sessions is identical to all other NYLT Courses. The same material is presented and the same leadership skill set is taught thru-out all Boy Scouts of America NYLT Courses. If you are looking for other courses, here are several as presented by Councils in Northern California.

Note that this year, we are asking several new questions on the registration: 1) How did you hear about our NYLT Course? 2) Are exness thailand there special medical needs? 3) Are there special dietary needs? and 4) Are there special learning needs? For these last three questions, we simply want a yes or no. If yes to any of these, a member of the senior NYLT staff will be in contact with you for more detailed information.
Please read the following carefully before registering.

1. Please read the Participant Invitation letter and FAQ before proceeding.

2. If you think you are qualified, talk to your unit leader and get approval to apply. Bring the leader the Leader Approval Form to sign. Please read the form and sign it and have your Parents sign it BEFORE you take it to your Leader.

Note: In an effort to reduce the amount of paperwork, we are asking each participant and parent to read the Code of Conduct and sign on the Leader Approval Form that they have read it. No separate Code of Conduct paperwork will be required in 2014.
3. You are expected to have taken the appropriate Introduction to Leadership Skills taught by your home unit before the course. Please consult your Scoutmaster or Advisor on this. For Scouts, it is Introduction to exness th Leadership Skills for Troops. For Venturing, it is Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews. Information on these courses can be found under Youth Training at the National BSA site.

3. Have an adult register you by clicking the "Session 1 - Registration " or "Session 2 - Registration" below and to the right. This is where you make your Session Selection, not within the registration module. Please verify that you have the correct session before proceeding to registration.

It is very important the we get accurate registration information.

4. You will be taken to a page at a SFBAC.Doubleknot.com site. On the first page, it reviews the course particulars and at the bottom, you get to add a participant by clicking the "Register" button. It will take you top this screen. Click "Add New Participant".

There are 4 fields - The Youth's First Name, the Youth's Last Name, e-mail, and 10 digit phone number. It should be in the format of XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Note: Please do NOT use an Earthlink e-mail address because most of these accounts block important mail from us.We will NOT go thru the extra work to send a second e-mail to ask you to accept mail from info@sfbac-nylt.org.

Please do use an e-mail account that someone does look at. In April and May, you will get mail to this account and to the parent's account. Almost all communications from SFBAC-NYLT are thru e-mails.

Once you have entered the Participant name information, click on "Add" at the bottom of the window. You will then be taken to a screen shown here that has a table with "Forms" in it. Click on the 2014 NYLT hyper-link.

Session 1 - June 15 - 21, 2014 OR
Session 2 - June 22 - 28, 2014
Sunday thru Saturday
Rancho Los Mochos
Mines Road, Livermore , California
You will be asked for birthdate, mailing address, Unit number, Camping and Leadership experience, as well as Parent's E-mail and Cell Phone and Scoutmaster's E-mail and Phone. We do need this information so please fill it in carefully. Also included on this page is a field to enter if there is a reason that you can only attend the particular session that you are registering for. This would include, for instance, if your school was in session during one of the sessions. Enrollment is limited in both sessions so we may need to see if we can move a few applicants between sessions.

The next screen shows the current fee. It is $299 until April 30 and will increase to $325 on thereafter. You will need to pay by PayPal or by a credit card to register and this must be done by an adult.

Your receipt from your credit card is the only receipt provided. That should be considered your proof of registration.

5. Mail the completed and signed approval form to San Francisco Bay Area Council, before 11:28 AM May 13th but the sooner the better. Space is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Your registration is NOT complete until the signed Unit Leader Approval Form is received by Council.


  • PAYMENTS FOR EXTRA T-shirts, or
  • ANY OTHER NYLT form to Council except for the Leader's Approval Form.


6. Mark Thursday, May 15th on your calendar for the REQUIRED Orientation Meeting. Details and needed forms will be posted on this site in late April.

7. Assure that you have a copy of a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record to be turned in at Orientation.
8. Per above, read the Code of Conduct and acknowledge reading it on the Leader Approval Form..

After completing the on-line registration, mail the Leader Approval Forms to:

SFBAC-NYLT Registration
Boy Scouts of America- SFBAC
1001 Davis St.
San Leandro, CA 94577
Session 1 - Registration >>>
Session 2 - Registration >>>