San Francisco Bay Area Council - SFBAC
National Youth Leadership Training - NYLT
Boy Scouts of America
One Session - June 16-22, 2019 at Rancho Los Mochos
Staff Applications due by November 30, 2018
Regular Registration - Opens by January 15, 2019
For Questions, please check the FAQs first. If we have not answered your question there, contact
What is NYLT?
The Tool Box and Memory Joggers (NYLT specific skills)
  • Vision – Goals – Planning – Creating a positive future
  • Smart Goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely
    Planning Tools – What, How, When, Who
    Assessment Tool – SSC – Start/Stop/Continue
    Teaching EDGE – Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable
    Stages of Team Development – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing
    Leading EDGE - Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable
    CONFLICT RESOLUTION TOOL – EAR – Express, Address, Resolve
    ROPE – Reach out, Organize, Practice, Experience
    Be, Know, Do
    • The BE of leadership – find your vision, setting goals, making ethical decisions, leading yourself, leading others
    • The KNOW of leadership – the skills of teaching and leading to help the group achieve its goals
    • The DO of leadership – a toolbox of communicating effectively, solving problems, and resolving conflicts

PDF version of "What is NYLT"

SFBAC-NYLT is offered by San Francisco Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. Only ONE session is offered for 2019 - June 16- 22. SFBAC-NYLT is open to BOTH Boy Scouts AND Venturers from all Councils.

Updated: 21 January 2014

SFBAC-NYLT Tool Box and Memory Joggers