San Francisco Bay Area Council - SFBAC
National Youth Leadership Training - NYLT
Boy Scouts of America
Three Sessions - June 17-23, 2018 or June 24-30, 2018 at Rancho Los Mochos
and a 3-Weekend Course for Fall 2018
Staff Interviews - December 2 and 14, 2017
Recognition Evening - Session 3 - December 14, 2017
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SFBAC-NYLT Adult Staff

We need Volunteers!

Every year at NYLT, we train up to 192 youth in leadership skills using the BSA NYLT curriculum.  Two complete training exness troops are formed for two consecutive weeks – Red, Blue, Gold and Green – for an intensive practical youth-led presentation of the course that simulates a month in the life of a Scout Troop.  A wide variety of topics are presented, including planning, the boy-led troop, running a patrol and troop meeting, training skills and leading a team.  It is relevant for both scouts and venturers and is taught in a collaborative way in a field environment with an emphasis on learning through fun.  Every year, we see youth participants grow through the knowledge and skills they learn at NYLT and they take both back to their home troops and crews to improve the programs they run there.

In order to put on the camp, we need a lot of help.  This is a great opportunity to see a youth-led program in action.  Please consider helping us out.  We need both uniformed leaders to work with our youth staff to present the course and support help behind the scenes.  We guarantee exness thailand you a very rewarding experience in our dynamic and fun group.  Come for a day, a weekend or a week – we can definitely use your help!

If you have some time you can spare (or even if you don’t!), contact John Daly cd-nylt@sfbac-nylt.org for more information on how you can help us to present this very important training program.

Job Descriptions: NYLT Staff Positions

Council Coordinator – With Councils that have more than one NYLT Course, nominally there is a single person named by the Council to coordinate the courses and to assure proper and appropriate staffing of all courses. Currently, SFBAC runs 4 separate courses of between 36 and 48 participants. Two courses are exness th offered one week in June and another 2 courses are offered the following week. Mr. John Daly is the current Council Coordinator and may be reached at: cd-nylt@sfbac-nylt.org.

Assistant Council Coordinator – This person is a back-up and resource for the Council Coordinator, standing in for the Coordinator if unavailable for particular meetings.

Scoutmaster – The Scoutmaster is responsible for the overall course operation, the training of the youth staff and the delivery of the current National NYLT program to the participants in their course. While on course, the Scoutmaster is responsible for the overall supervision and safety of the Course and will present at least one training module to the participants.  Woodbadge is a required qualification for this position, as is attendance at an annual training conference in November. It is recommended that Scoutmasters first serve as an Assistant Scoutmaster in order to gain in depth familiarity with the curriculum and to experience and understand the interactions of youth in a week-long training environment.  The SM attends monthly planning meetings, monthly staff training meetings, two training weekends and a staff training day in the run up to camp.  A Scoutmaster position is ideal for a seasoned scouter looking to expand their own skills and to build upon their Woodbadge training.

Assistant Scoutmaster – There are two Assistant Scoutmasters in each course.  They assist the Scoutmaster in delivering the NYLT curriculum and in the day-to-day operation of the camp.

The Assistant Scoutmasters are an integral part of the course team and work with the Scoutmaster to train youth staff and oversee the conduct of the course. While on course, Assistant Scoutmasters will present at least one training module to the participants. If the Course Director is unavailable for any reason, an Assistant will be expected to assume overall supervision of the course. ASM’s attend monthly planning meetings, monthly staff training meetings, two training weekends and a staff training day in the run up to camp.  Assistant Scoutmaster positions are ideal for new or young leaders in troops and crews who are in the first few years of their scouting careers.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to see scouting as it should be and the skills we will teach you as a staff member will help you in your personal and business lives.
Support Staff

Quartermaster – The QM Chief is responsible for the overall provision of course and camping supplies for all of the SFBAC NYLT courses through a check out/check in system from central store.  The QM Chief is also responsible for the ordering and distribution of materials supplied to the participants, uniform items for course staff and consumable supplies such as rope and twine. Other responsibilities include the overseeing of maintenance or replacement of equipment such as stoves, patrol boxes, lamps and other program specific equipment. The Assistant QM staff members assist the QM Chief as needed. QM staff attend monthly planning and training meetings as well as training weekends the actual course week(s). An Assistant QM position is an ideal volunteer position for a Venturer scout or parent who would like to be involved in the course delivery.

Commissary Staff – Scouts and Venturers perform best when well fed and our commissary takes pride in assuring that the participants have well-balanced menus to cook in a jamboree style environment while at the same time catering to participants and staff with special dietary needs. Our Commissary Chief does most of the planning but needs many hands to prepare and apportion food for both of the staff training weekends and at both course weeks.  We need 4 to 6 Commissary Assistants at each training weekend and at both course weeks.  You have to love food to be a Commissary Assistant!  We go through truckloads of it!  Commissary Assistant is an ideal volunteer position for a Venturer scout or parent who would like to be involved in the course delivery.

Registrar – Each year we have approximately 60 staff members and 190 participants on our courses.  For each one, the Registrar oversees the gathering of required documentation to comply with BSA requirements and a variety of course specific documentation. The Registrar and Assistant Registrars gather, check, collate and enter the information gathered into our FileMaker Database so some expertise and comfort with databases and spreadsheets is a huge asset. The data collected is made available to the Scoutmasters and Course Coordinator as needed and is used for course communications to staff and participants through electronic and other means. We need 2 to 3 Assistant Registrars each year to manage the registration process for the courses.  Assistant Registrar is a perfect non-uniformed volunteer position for someone who wants to help but can’t help at weekends or at course.

If interested in learning more about the Adult staff positions, please contact the Council Coordinator, Mr. John Daly.

  • The above job descriptions can also be viewed as a pdf.

SFBAC-NYLT is offered by San Francisco Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. THREE sessions are offered in 2018-June 17- 23 OR June 24-30 at Rancho Los Mochos, OR new 3-weekend course: Sept 15-16, Sept 21-23, and Sept 29-30. SFBAC-NYLT is open to BOTH Boy Scouts AND Venturers from all Councils.

Updated: 1 October 2014

SFBAC-NYLT Staff Information